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Here are a few safety tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Island Pepe baby covers.

Breastfeeding & Pumping cover

Make your breastfeeding or pumping experience more comfortable and less stressful. This cover can allow you to feed your baby conveniently with full privacy without having to worry about exposing yourself or your little one getting distracted. The stretchy fabric allows you to easily access your baby while nursing to ensure a good latch or for any other adjustments.

Capsule Cover

Protect your baby from unwanted distractions and the elements in any season. The opening at the top allows for easy access to the capsule handle and allows airflow.

Safety tip: Do not leave your baby unattended with the covering. Make sure the top remains open. ​Keep your cover away from any heat sources. Always remove cover from your capsule before placing it into a vehicle. It's important to monitor your baby to ensure they do not overheat in warm climates or during the hot summer months while using the cover. Avoid using the cover for long periods of time outside under the hot sun. 


Shopping Trolley & Highchair Cover

Does you baby or toddler like to chew and lick everything in their sight? 

This cover can be used to protect your baby from touching nasty germs hanging out on the shopping trolley handles and gives you the peace of mind when out shopping. The stretchy cover can easily be slipped onto any shopping trolley or highchair. The cover is compact when folded for convenient storage and makes it easy to carry in your nappy bag.

Don't forget to take the cover off from the trolley when you're done!

Bassinet Cover

Help your baby get their sleep by putting the cover over their bassinet during their day time nap. This can be great for when your baby falls asleep during family gatherings or when you have company over. Not only can you keep a close eye on your baby while they sleep but the cover can block the light to ensure they can get a good rest.

Safety tip: Always make sure there is an opening for sufficient airflow. Avoid covering your bassinet completely. Do not leave your baby unattended while using the cover and check on your baby regularly while sleeping in a bassinet. For daytime use only.

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