Owners of Island Pepe


Island Pepe; "Pepe" is the Polynesian word for "Baby". 

Talofa lava and Malo e lelei!

We are the Masoe family and Valikoula family, co-founders of Island Pepe.

We come from a rich heritage of cultures spanning the tropical regions of the South Pacific. As parents, we share with many others a deep desire to pass on to our children the things which matter the most.

For us, this began with sharing the culture. We believe that a significant part of this begins with teaching them our native language through speech, song, visual words and illustrations – a tradition used by our ancestors. This, we believe, will create lasting and loving impressions for our children, like those we carry in our own childhood memories.

Island Pepe welcomes everyone, Polynesian or not, to come take a look at our modern and trendy baby apparel in various

Pasifika languages which are truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for your little ones!


Apart from our Samoan and Tongan designs, all our other language designs have been a collaboration

between Island Pepe and a native speaker from that country/island. 

We are extremely aware of the importance of respecting other countries within the South Pacific

and especially preserving their language and culture.

We do not take this matter lightly and will not post designs that are not from a native speaker of that certain island.

All our language designs have been submitted, checked and approved by a native speaker who also receives a percentage of the sale.

Meet our collaborators!


Cook Islands

Sarah-Elyss Ezekiela (Duffus) 

Kia Orana! I am Sarah-Elyss Ezekiela born in New Zealand of Cook Island Maori heritage. Both my parents hail from the beautiful Cook Islands. My mother was born on the untouched Palmerston Atoll and my father was born in picturesque Rarotonga.

I was fortunate to be able to have spent some of my childhood and teenage years in paradise, between Rarotonga, Manihiki and Palmerston. I am so proud of my Polynesian heritage and am grateful for the chance to work with Island Pepe in bringing our beautiful culture to the world. 

I have a BA from BYU-Hawaii and now work as a free-lance graphic designer and artist, whilst also being a stay at home mother to my two beautiful tamariki, with one on the way.


My Name is Josese Cokanauto, I am from the beautiful village of

Daliconi from the Island of Vanua Balavu in Lau. 

I am grateful for an opportunity to be part of a team that

portrays our native language in a way that will keep it strong.



Our goal is to help inspire our children, and parents alike, to preserve the

language/culture of our ancestors and share it with the world.